See How You Could Be An Intern For Zaytoven


Zaytoven just became the rap game Willy Wonka. He’s offering up golden tickets in the form of internships. Success is right around the corner for the right person, possibly multiple people.

Considering Zay is an Oakland born, Atlanta legend and pioneer of southern trap music, it’s understandable why you “have to live in the ATL” to qualify for this internship. Experience in this industry is priceless and rubbing elbows with the right people never hurts either. He is looking for a few different positions such as: photographer, videographer, publicist, and someone smooth in the “viral marketing” world. You can send your resume to Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Sorry producers. Sounds like Zaytoven has the production department covered.

  • – Written by Buzz B. –

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