Sensational: Teanna Trump Confirms Sextape With Brittany Renner Does Exist

The internet has been in a frenzy ever since Teanna Trump and Instagram star Brittany Renner teased internet users with the thought of the two vixens having a unreleased ‘video’ with each other.

More recently Tekashi 69 would even join in on the fun and anticipation claiming he’s seen the video. The Brooklyn rapper would also claim he’s engaged in some sexual activities himself with Brittany Renner. Though, Tekashi’s troll persona precedes him and we can’t always tell when he’s joking or ‘keeping it a buck’.

Nonetheless fans may be in luck for newly surfaced footage of Teanna Trump on Instagram Live with a fan revealed that the sextape with her and Renner does exist. “When is that video dropping I know everybody waiting for it,” the fan would tell Teanna. She would respond by stating, “I don’t have it. I swear to god I don’t have it. It wasn’t even my production company. I don’t know when it’s gonna be released. I don’t know how she’s gonna cut it. I swear to god on my life I have no idea.”

She would go on to say if she had possession of the video she would release it though it isn’t in her possession. So for all you online hopefuls waiting to add to your spank bank you’ll just have to wait.