Skillz Disses Uncle Murda On ‘Murda Gram’ Over ‘Rap Up’ Beef

No better way to start 2018 than with some fresh USDA Certified rap beef. Things are starting to boil over between Rap Up rappers Skillz and Uncle Murda over the annual end of the year tune.

Virginia artist Skillz started doing the end of the year song basically documenting what occurred in the current year in 2002. Uncle Murda would start doing his own version of the yearly ‘wrap up’ around 2014. Uncle Murda’s Rap Up has gotten quite popular within the last 4 years. It is known that Skillz took offense to Uncle Murda starting to do his own version of what he created.

Now for the first time Skillz is openly taking his feelings to wax to deliver a diss track on Uncle Murda titled Murda Gram. Check out the track below:

I got time today bruh. You DM’d the wrong dude

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