Soulja Boy Blast Family & Calls His Mother A Crackhead On Twitter

It was just last week when a Soulja Boy diss track surfaced that was constructed by the Crank Dat rapper’s own blood brother.

Now today more details behind this beef are starting to come to the forefront. Soulja Boy took to Twitter to blast his own family tweeting out, “If you not with me you against me, facts. F*ck you I don’t need you. – The only time my mother call me is for my money and my Lil brother a broke bitch umma slap him when I see him f*ck  them.” He would continue by tweeting, “If you gave ur mom a 100,000 and she spent it in a week. You would be mad too. It’s a long story. F*ck people that don’t appreciate you. I made my first million when I was 17 and took care of my whole family since then. So whoever taking sh*t can suck my d*ck nobody gon use me.”

He would continue this Twitter rant threatening to expose his “crackhead” mother and stating his brother lives with his father & is looking for a come up. Poor Soulja Boy lets hope he defuses these issues with his family.

Check out the tweets below:

#SouljaBoy calls his mother a crackhead and says his brother is looking for a come up 👀 (view previous post)

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