Soulja Boy Is Now $400 Million Richer? Inks New Deal? Read More


Soulja Boy is known for dipping & dabbing in many ventures and always having his hands in multiple lucrative pots from music to light-up sneakers to hover boards to phone apps. Though the 25 year old entrepreneur might just have gotten a lot richer & apparently has inked a deal for $400 Million. Soulja didn’t give up any details on the newly signed deal but he announced on his Instagram that he would let the public know more information on it after the release of his new album Better Late Than Never scheduled to release June 1st. In the midst of announcing the deal he also gave a shout out to Beyoncé in a couple of tweets due to Soulja’s newly revealed writing credits on Beyoncé’s Lemonade album on the track Hold Up. We will keep you guys up dated with more information on Soulja Boy’s new deal as they unveil & congratulations to Soulja on making that boss move.