Soulja Boy Issues A Statement To Quavo & Reminds People He Killed A Man Before

Doesn’t seem like Soulja Boy is not letting up on Quavo of Migos any time soon. After releasing a diss track titled Beef aimed at the QC artist Soulja is continuing to urge him to “pull up”. He would post a Instagram video (which can be seen above) along with several tweets. In one of Soulja’s tweets he would remind people that he allegedly killed a guy stating, “Niggaz must forgot I already shot niggaz before. – I killed a nigga and beat the case self defense. Ain’t no snitching he got smoked. Facts.” Soulja would also tweet out, “Fuck Quavo ain’t no squashing shit he a bitch and when I see him umma knock his ass out whoever got a problem with (it) holla at me” Check out the tweets below: