Soulja Boy Speaks On Near Death Incident In California Mudslide Car Wreck

2019 almost got off to a horrible start for the Hip Hop world with almost losing Crank Dat star and internet rap innovator – Deandre Cortez Way aka Soulja Boy.

The Chicago born and Mississippi raised rapper was one of many whose cars were trapped by mudslides which were caused by a storm that shut down Southern California’s Pacific Coast Highway.  The 28-year-old rapper would retweet a pic of the wreckage stating, “My car got stuck too almost went into the ocean.” He would tweet out, “Was involved in a very bad car accident last night due to a flash flood and mud slide. I still haven’t got my car back it’s stuck in my water in the middle of the mud slide/flood.”

Soulja Boy would take to Instagram Live shortly after the incident with his face swollen and bruised to speak on what had occurred. “Streets started getting flooded. Tires kept spinning in the water, the water kept getting higher and higher. I get to the end of the road and this dude telling us we got to turn around. So when we started turning around, in the middle of our U-turn it was a mud slide. Stuff started falling from the mountain and when the sticks started falling from the mountain some trees fell and my car got stuck. We was trying to spin, I was trying to go but it was stuck in the mud. My face all swollen and sh*t, I hit my face. I hit my face on the dash board.”

Soulja Boy would continue to speak on the incident describing how he managed to escape out of the car through the sun roof before it flooded with water. The rap stars would say a prayer whilst sitting on top of the car believing it was his time to go. He would get a sudden strength of courage which would give him energy to jump off of the flooded car and run to safety.

Check out the full video below: