Soulja Boy Threatens To Kill Chicago Rapper Rico Recklezz On Twitter


When it comes to social media Soulja Boy has no filter. After his recent situation with Atlanta new comer Lil Yachty, Soulja Boy has found his self in another situation with Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz.

Rico Recklezz dropped off a diss track titled No Talking which was packaged with a music video aimed at Soulja Boy and another Chicago rapper MBAM Flip.

Soulja Boy would take to Twitter to respond threating the rapper’s life tweeting out, “I got 100k cash right now who in Chicago wanna kill this nigga for me,” he would continue tweeting, “He gone be dead before 2017. We sliding. 1 got 100k on his head. – Go kill him tonight.”




Rico Reckless would respond with a few tweets of his own telling Soulja Boy, “Fuk it lets box 1 on 1 for 10K @Souljaboy We can YouTube it  TMZ it whatever when u ready?”

Soulja Boy would follow up with another tweet stating, “Why everybody wanna play tough with me I got one month left of probation then holla at me”