You Could Spend A Year In Jail For Doing The ‘In My Feelings’ Challenge In This Country

While you ask Kiki if she loves you and/or if she’s riding; you may need to ask her if she’s willing to bail you out of the clink if you’re caught doing the In My Feelings Challenge in certain countries.

The viral challenge created by Instagram comedian, Shiggy, has made Drake’s Scorpion single a Billboard 100 #1. The dance challenge wasn’t originally created for people to jump out of moving cars but the internet will internet and take stupid things to the next level of stupidity.

The challenge has gotten so big that the National Transportation Safety Board issued a statement asking people not to jump from their moving cars for the challenge. Now according to Bloomberg you could face up to a year in prison in Egypt if obstructing traffic for Kiki. While in Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates, prosecutors have ordered the arrest of three of the country’s social media influencers. The arrest warrant would come after the personalities posted videos doing the challenge while on the street.