Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens Family Issue Statement: “We Do Not Consider Steve Apart Of This Family”

Yesterday tragedy struck Cleveland, Ohio when a man Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens murdered a elderly man by the name of 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Jr. while on Facebook Live. In what is now being called the Easter Day Slaughter Stephens claimed to have murdered 13 people though police have no evident if he’s a serial killer. Stephens claim that the murder(s) stem from his break up with his girlfriend who has been identified as Joy Lane.

A multistate search is now being conducted for Stephens and he is said to been located by his phone to last be in Pennsylvania. Stephens could possibly be Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Michigan. Stephens is 6’1 and around 244 pounds and was last seen in a white/cream colored Ford Fusion.

Stephens family has issued a statement which can be seen below:


  • Chris Mack

    The family disowning him is probably what drove him to that. Not excusing his behavior. He needs to rot but his family is not innocent in all of this. Especially if he told his mom about this the day before.

    • Johnnie Mae Butler

      No one is responsible for Steve’s behavior, except Steve!

  • Cheryl Ford Travis

    he wasn’t disowned til after he killed the man, they removed their pictures etc after he shot that poor man.

  • Christine Fischer

    Sounds like this person has Mommy and Daddy issues, had they gave him some love and attention this might have not happened. May God have mercy on his soul! And my prayers go out to Mr. Robert Godwin’s family R.I.P sweet sweet man i’m so sorry and very heart sick that this happened to you and your family. Prayers for this disturbed person’s family. Love and listen to your children so we don’t run the risk of yet another cold blooded MURDERER!