Streets Is Talking: Hoodrich Pablo Juan Was Allegedly Stripped Butt Naked & Robbed In Atlanta

It was back in June of 2018 when 1017 Records and Gucci Mane affiliate, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, was allegedly beaten and robbed by affiliates of Q Da Fool’s Rich Shootas.

Now it is being said that the rapper was robbed in his hometown of Atlanta not once but twice within the last 3 weeks. “Yo Pablo Juan got robbed again but this time they stripped him and left him naked in the streets,” a Twitter user would say. Another Twitter user and Atlanta resident would state, “Yeah they ran down on bruh like two weeks ago unless it happened again,” in which the original Tweeter would respond, “Again.”


According to unnamed sources Hoodrich Pablo Juan was robbed at Loud House Studios in Atlanta. It was around 6 in the morning when the alleged robbery occurred. The Atlanta rapper was located in the ‘A Room’ of the studio when the robbers ran in and took chains, Cartier bracelets, a AP diamond watch, and about $70,000 in cash. Though, it’s looking rough for Pablo Juan out here in these streets he’s still working. Fans are currently waiting for the rapper to drop his forthcoming project DMV (Dope Money Violence).

 Here’s footage from the beating and robbery that occurred from the first robbery below (story broke by DatWAV and picked up by World Star Hip Hop):