Suge Knight Receives 28 Years In Prison For 2015 Hit-And-Run Death

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s trial for the 2015 hit-and-run death of Terry Carter has come to an end after three years after the former Death Row CEO pleaded no contest on September 20th of 2018. Knight plead no contest to voluntary manslaughter in the deadly situation that occurred on the set of Straight Out Of Compton where Knight ran over his friend Carter in attempt to quickly leave the area after being attacked.

According to The Los Angeles Times the plea deal was reached in a courtroom in downtown LA. The deal was presided by Judge Ronald S. Coen who received the agreement from Knight who only said “yes.” By accepting the plea deal Knight received 28 years in prison. He was originally facing life without the possibility of parole in the case. If Knight serves the full sentence he will be 79 years of age when he is released from jail.