Swizz Beatz Cosigns Tekashi 69 For The Culture, Compares Him To Onyx’s Sticky Fingaz

Tekashi 69 is one of Hip-Hop’s latest rising sensations dropping off bangers such as Gummo (which recently went gold), KeKe, and Kooda. As the rapper continues to rise to the top he’s catching a lot of flack but also getting a lot of love from many. One of the most recent to cosign the Brooklyn rapper’s rise to star would be Swizz Beatz.

In a interview with Billboard at the Roc Nation brunch that occurred this past weekend, Swizz Beatz would speak on his liking of Tekashi 69 despite the controversy that surrounds his name. He would even compare the rapper’s style to a 90s rap star, 1/2 of Onyx – Sticky Fingaz, who was also known for his loud and aggressive style on the mic.

“I support the younger artist,” Swizz Beatz would say. “You know, the thing about him is that he reminds me of Sticky Fingaz from Onyx. You know, I like that energy of that Onyx Throw Ya Guns in the air vibe. So when I look at him, I’m not looking at him probably for the other reasons people are looking at him, I’m looking at him because he reminds me of something that I knew [that] was great at one point in time.”