T.I. & DJ Frank White Are Going At Each Others Neck Over Doe B’s Residuals

Controversy behind slain Alabama artist Doe B is starting to continue to pile up. The problems started earlier this month when Doe B’s posthumous album artwork was released and it featured him in his casket. Fans and family would speak out about the artwork including Doe B’s former fiancé Dariauna Lassic. T.I. would step in to distinguish the remaining flames from the artwork that had the city of Montgomery on fire stating the cover would be changed.

Now it seems to be another situation going on behind Doe B’s residuals. DJ Frank White would take to Instagram to post several videos accusing T.I. of keeping money from several songs featuring Doe B. White would claim to have “plenty proof” on the matter and stated he would expose the truth.

White would post a Instagram post of T.I. speaking at Doe B’s funeral with a caption that read, ““Yall relax… let me get the paperwork together to show you.. you know he trying to cover it up. I got em. Please be patient. Love you Doe… the people who has all the details i have already text. I would rather not nAme them amd get them involved.. however if they dont send methe breakdowns. You all will learn a lot #onGod,”

Though, T.I. would not take a liking to these claims and would go to Instagram to post a few post of his own stating, “Anyone wondering where my Lil bro @cbmdoeb money goes…. 1.To his Estate 50% 2.Frank White @djfwhite 25% 3. Loyalty Promotions (Franks Mgnt partners)25% …. @djfwhite why u taking Lil bro bread & actin like it’s us?” T.I would go on to call Frank White “the feds”, geesh check out the post below:

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