Talib Kweli Engages In Twitter War With Cleveland Rapper Chxpo


Talib Kweli is currently Twitter beefing with one of Cleveland’s up & coming artist, BMB & RBMG affiliated rapper Chxpo.

The Twitter feud started when Chxpo would tweet Kweli stating, “U want Kanye to reach out to you bro but u should reach out to real niggas,” in which Kweli would respond by tweeting, “Real niggas like who? You?” This tweet would lead to a series of tweets between the New York rapper and Chxpo that continues to go on today.

In one of Chxpo’s most recent tweets he stated, “Somebody please tell Talib Kweli to chill out cause if this continues I will beat his ass when I see him at the top.”

Chxpo is one of the hardest working up & coming artist in the game releasing 20 plus mixtapes this year including Born Bloody with 3rdy Baby back in August. Stay tuned for more from the Cleveland artist and be sure to check out Win which features Rushhy Bandxz, Yz, & Yb.

Check out the series out tweets below:


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