Tay-K 47’s Trial Pushed Back Due To Lack Of Evidence, Lawyer Believes He Will Be Freed

Texas artist Tay-K 47 rising fame continues to grow online and across the country with his track The Race receiving more industry cosigns day by day. His race to stardom however is being met by trial and tribulations due to the teen artist being on trial for capital murder charges, which currently carries a life sentence or death penalty.

Tay-K 47’s lawyer, James McMillan, was sure that he would be freed on Wednesday, when he was scheduled to appear in court for the charges although that didn’t occur. The trial has now been pushed back due to lack of evidence.

On Wednesday McMillan would talk to New York Times to inform them that Tay-K was being tried as an adult. The judge would inform Tay-K that him being tried as an adult had no effect on his innocence or guilt, but added that officers testified that there wasn’t any evidence that the rapper had any weapons or engaged in any violence.

Check out the statement below released by Tay-K 47’s lawyer

We just concluded the “certification transfer” hearing for Mr. Mcintyre. The judge has ruled that his case should be moved to adult court case based on his age (and the fact that the juvenile court will lack jurisdiction soon). The judge was very clear to tell Mr. Mcintyre on the record that this decision had no bearing whatsoever of his guilt/ innocence in this case. After a full day of hearing with numerous officers testifying under oath, officers testified there was no evidence that Mr. Mcintyre engaged in any violent act or possessed any weapons. Mr Mcintyre remains upbeat after this hear. I believe once all of the evidence is presented, Mr. Mcintyre will be exonerated on all charges. We look forward to moving ahead.”

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