Tay-K Receives 55 Year Prison Sentence, ‘The Race’ Music Video Used In Sentencing

The Race has come to a halt and 19-year-old Arlington, Texas rapper Tay-K aka Tay-K 47 has been sentenced to 55 years in prison. The sentence comes after the young rapper was found guilty of murder. He was also sentenced to 30 years in prison on one count of aggravated robbery and given two additional 13-year prison sentences on two other counts of aggravated robbery. Tay-K was also fined $21,000 and his sentences will run concurrently.

Tay-K’s infamous The Race music video which has gained a whopping 174,000,000 views since its release in 2017 came back to haunt him during his sentencing. The video played a big part in his sentencing and was played in full for the jury om Monday. Print out of song lyrics were also handed out in court.

The Race was certified platinum in 2018.

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