Tay-K’s Co-Defendant Receives 40 Year Sentence After Pleading Guilty

Tay-K aka Tay-K 47’s name has been highly publicized and surrounded in controversy ever since the release of his 2017 hit The Race. Outside of having a platinum record under his belt, the rapper is currently incarcerated on multiple charges including murder.

Things aren’t looking good for Tay-K being that two accomplices have agreed to take deals to testify against him for lower sentences. Now it has been revealed that another one of Tay-K’s co-defendants, Sean Robinson, has pleaded guilty for a 40 year sentence  in exchange for the capital murder charge he originally faced. Robinson will be eligible for parole after he serves 18 years.

Robinson’s lawyer spoke out about the case in which he would state, “Mr. Robinson wasn’t the shooter, of course, but a very bright, young man with probably a great future if he’d applied himself in the right way. He lost his way, got with some people, and got involved in this offense and therefore his life gets destroyed. It’s just a terrible, sad thing all the way around.”