Who Is Taymor McIntyre AKA Tay-K 47? (The Race, The Murder, Lil JoJo, & More)

Taymor McIntyre aka Tay-K 47 is a up & coming rapper from Arlington, Texas. Tay-K’s buzz would pick up steam after being wanted for a double murder that occurred in Mansfield in 2016. He was also suspected of a beating and robbery that occurred in Arlington, though, police stated that they couldn’t confirm if McIntyre was the attacker in said robbery. Tay-K was captured in New Jersey by authorities while visiting a friend, he was on the run since March of 2017. His track packaged with a music video titled The Race was released two weeks ago and has become a fan favorite. Get to learn more about McIntyre in the exclusive DatWAV.com video clip below, commentary by Henny Honky: