Tee Grizzley Afiliate, Sada Baby, Taunts Chicago Gangster Disciples & Says He’s ‘Smoking Tooka’

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley has been into it with Chicago GDs since June of 2017, after an alternative version of his track No Effort surfaced, where he mentioned deceased Gangster Disciple Lil Jojo. Affiliates of the slain teen, such as P. Rico and King Yella, would respond telling the rapper, “Yo ass gone die, it’s a greenlight”.

Things would eventually cool down, publicly at least, but would start back to escalate after a video of Tee Grizzley would surface early January of 2018. In the video clip Grizzley could be seen hanging with some Chicagoans saying, “He’s smoking Brick off in the lobby,” referring to another slain GD, FBG Brick, the brother of FBG Duck. FBG Brick, who was born Jermaine Robinson, was gunned down July of 2017.

Many have scratched their heads wondering why Tee Grizzley would continuously get himself involved in a Chicago gang feud. Some have chalked his actions up to being close to Chicago rapper, Lil Durk, who he released a collaboration project with titled Bloodas in December of 2017.

Now another Detroit rapper, Sada Baby, who’s an affiliate of Tee Grizzley may be in hot water. Sada Baby dropped off a new music video for Guatemalan where he would shout out GBE affiliate and Black Disciple, Lil Reese, saying he’s ‘smoking Tooka’. The term ‘smoking Tooka’ was made popular by Chief Keef and used to taunt St. Lawrence Gangster Disciples. Tooka, born Shondale Gregory, was a young Gangster Disciple who was murdered January 12th, 2011 at a bus stop at 63rd and St. Lawrence.

Check out the clip below: