Tee Grizzley In Hot Water After Mentioning Chicago Rapper Lil Jojo (Video)

Similar to a prior situation that occurred with New York rapper Young M.A when she mentioned fallen Chicago gang member Tooka in a freestyle, Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley is catching backlash after a alternative version of No Effort was released. In the original version of the track Tee Grizzley raps, “Let Lil Durk music get you hype and join Jojo,” referring to GD rapper Lil Jojo who was murdered in 2012 on the 6900 blockof South Princeton Avenue on the Southside of Chicago.

Official version of No Effort can be heard below:

Check out the original of No Effort below (Lil Jojo line starts around the 2:40 mark):
Friends of the fallen rapper such as P. Rico & King Yella would respond swiftly to the Detroit rapper about the leaked line. Rico would post to Instagram a screenshot of the track on YouTube with the caption, “Y you b*tch ass rappers always dissing my homie nay o ass gon die @tee_grizzley & otha fu ass rappers yall see why I don’t do songs with yall b*tch ass na get it in blood idgaf no mo on lil bro green light.” Rico would follow up this statement with another post stating, “Den yo b*tch ass gon change yo lyrics mistake ass n*ggas f*ck all yo dead homies pidd.” King Yella would respond via video which can be seen below:
Grizzley would shortly afterwards show up in Chicago and post pictures and videos of himself hanging with Lil Reese on Chicago’s Southside. It is stated that the rapper had a scheduled show in Chicago on June 3rd but is was canceled. Lets hope that things work themselves out in this situation without anyone getting hurt.