Tekashi 69 Announces A ‘No Fly Zone’ On The East Coast For LA Rappers

Many in California are awaiting on the arrival of Brooklyn rapper, Tekashi 69, who is set to arrive in LA for All-Star Weekend. 69 has made it very well known that he won’t be hard to find when he pulls up even after being not welcomed by natives like OG Spanky Loco, Slim 400, Boskoe 100, & more.

The rapper would to take Instagram on a Thursday evening stating in a video, “To all the fans I want you to know Tekashi 69 and The Scum Gang did not cancel no shows in LA. Even though the shows got canceled we still gone be in LA. We gone be in f*cking LA you hear me.” Things would get a little rowdy as a man from Tekashi’s entourage would chime in as red bandannas would begin to be pulled out. Tekashi would interject and start back talking saying, “If yall wanna act like b*tches, real cut, no fly zone in East Coast n*gga.”

Only time will tell how things will play out when Tekashi finally makes his way to Los Angeles but hopefully cooler heads prevail without anyone getting hurt.

Check out the clip below: