Tekashi 69 Engages In Fight After Being Approached By Goons At LAX Airport

It looks like Tekashi 69’s time in Los Angeles unscathed came to an end on a Wednesday when he was approached by two unknown men at LAX Airport.

A fight would breakout between the two men, Tekashi, and his crew; which would spill into the streets. The 21-year-old Brooklyn rapper would be rushed into the airport by one of his henchmen when the guys started to approach him, obviously wanting to protect their money maker, but when fist started to fly he would run back into the fight participating himself.

Police rushed to the scene of the fight and interviewed people from both sides. No one pressed charges after the altercation.

TMZ would interview Tekashi shortly after the incident and he would state, “You see his face was broken.” He would continue by saying, “Everybody wanna make a name for themselves. I don’t think they came for me. Nobody wouldn’t come for me.”

Check out the clips below: