Tekashi 69 Pistol Whipped, Kidnapped, & Robbed By Hooded Gunmen In Brooklyn, Rapper Currently Hospitalized

On early Sunday morning news reports are surfacing that Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 69, most popular for his breakout single Gummo, has been pistol whipped, kidnapped, and robbed.

According to TMZ the rapper was working on a music video in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., before he decided to go home. When the rapper arrived home he was blocked in his drive way by another car. 3 hooded men would proceed to get out the car and pistol whip the rapper leaving him unconscious.

The men put Tekashi 69 in the back of a car demanding money and jewelry or death. Sources say a shortly afterwards the men would pull back up to his home. While two entered the house, one guarded the rapper while he stayed in the car. The men took over $750,000 in jewelry and $15-000 to $20,000 in cash according to reports. Tekashi 69’s baby mother and daughter were in the house during the incident but not harmed.

Even after receiving the money the gunmen would still drive away with the rapper in the back seat. Some how 69 was able to jump from the car, escaping from the back door of the vehicle. Sources say he jumped in the passenger seat of a stranger’s car begging for help. The civilian would call 911 and leave 69 at the intersection. The rapper is still currently in the hospital.