Tekashi 69 Says The Illuminati Changed His Life, Credits Illuminati & Fans For All His Success

For nearly two decades successful Hip-Hop artist have always been associated with the Illuminati. Many have been accused of making blood sacrifices of loved ones and giving up their souls for gold chains, fame, and riches. Online you can find multiple YouTube videos of conspiracy theory freaks telling stories of rap artist handing their souls over, almost making the world of Hip-Hop sound like a ghouls and goblins story written by J.K. Rowling. Some believe it’s all a bunch of bullsh*t or is it?

Though, countless artist have been accused of using the Illuminati to get one step ahead, we’ve never really seen anyone admit to being apart of the cult like group. That was until today, up & coming rapper Tekashi 69 took to Instagram to turn heads, saying the Illuminati changed his life, crediting them with his success.

The Brooklyn bred rapper would post a old picture him self along with the caption, “TB last year I didn’t have sh*t. This year I want nothing but my family. I wanna see them happy. IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU MY “FANS” F*CK THAT YALL MY FAMILY I wouldn’t be sh*t so thank you! The illuminati changed my life!”

Check out the post below: