There’s Now Multiple Penis Pics On Burger King’s Instagram Thanks To A Troll

There’s no better troll than the troll that trumps all trolls and that’s the corporate troll. When you can successfully troll a big business such as Burger King it can send a rush through your body similar to taking an expresso shot.

Well, one Instagram user has done just that in retaliation of the burger company allegedly stealing artwork from him. According HotNewHipHop San Fransico artist Pablo Rochat realized that Burger King’s Switzerland page was pushing an advertisement that used tap-and-hold technology to create a game, which is a technique that Rochat used to apparently establish his footing as a creative. As an alternative to taking the company to court Rochat has decided to take matters in his own hands and have some fun at their suspense.

“Burger King recently stole my content for their IG ads. Instead of taking legal action, i drew a big fat penis and tagged them so it would show up on their ‘tagged photos’ page,” wrote Rochat on Twitter before sharing a screenshot of the results.

Rochat’s picture would be a combination of pics that led up to Burger King‘s tagged photos section being plastered with one huge penis pic. Of course to make matters worse for Burger King others have decided to join in on the “fun” tagging the burger joint in even more penis pics. Check out the Twitter post below: