This Is Not A Joke: Birdman Has A Single Coming Called “Respek My Name”


Birdman apparently is a genius and perhaps one of the smartest if not the smartest business man in hip-hop. He posted a preview of his newest single on his Instagram page that is apparently titled Respek. The song starts with Birdman giving some of his classic dialogue that he’s known for which ends in “I ain’t gone say it no more n*gga,” and leads into the chorus that apparently starts off with Birdman stating “Put some respect when you mention my name you talking about killers but you ain’t no killer.” Birdman later posted artwork for the track and stated he’s going to his home of New Orleans to shoot the official video for his new single Respek. Birdman also has “Respek My Name” apparel for purchase that he released last week. Perhaps Birdman will cash in on the Breakfast Club fiasco that had every one laughing at him & have a hearty laugh him self all the way to the bank.


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