‘What A Time To Be Alive 2’ May Be Among Us, Drake & Future ‘Big Mood’ Leaks Online

It was in 2015 when Drake and Future gave us the classic project What A Time To Be Alive. The joint release included 11 tunes from both Pluto and The 6 God. Now in 2019 there has been rumblings of What A Time To Be Alive 2 being released soon.

Talks of What A Time To Be Alive 2 started earlier this year when Drake and Future both got fans on the edge of their seats hinting at the project in a video. Drake would state, “What’s that? We gotta cook that up. That two,” said while holding up two fingers. Future would follow up by saying, “It’s already cooked. Top secret.”

Now a new leak has made its way online titled Big Mood featuring Drake and Future. The new tune has WATTBA vibes and could be the biggest hint at a new release coming sooner than we think. Check out the leak below before labels take it down: