Savage AF: Makonnen Stated Drake Threatened To F*ck Him Up, Confrontation Made Him Come Out The Closet

Atlanta Tuesday rapper gave his first interview since coming out the closet to Fader. During the interview he talked about several things from being gay, backlash from Migos since coming out, & being signed to Drake’s label OVO.

During the interview Makonnen broke some news about the rapper everyone looks at as the baby face of the rap game, Aubrey Graham aka Drake.  After being released from Drake’s OVO label, Makonnen would deliver a freestyle on Tim Westwood where he would rap, “Mothaf*ckas say I got dropped /You know that’s a mothaf*ckin’ lie /Only place I dropped is in my god damn pants size.” The line would lead fans to think that Makonnen was sending shots at his former CEO. Shortly after the freestyle in September Makonnen would attend a VMAs after party where he would run into Drake and his crew and be threatened. Makonnen would state that “someone he looked up to” (Drake of coarse) would state, “We gon f*ck you up the next time we see you!” The Tuesday rapper said this incident would be his breaking point of him coming out of the closet.

Makonnen would go into detail of being signed with OVO which according to him wasn’t the best experience. Be sure to check out Fader‘s entire spread on Makonnen for details.


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    “(Drake of coarse)” =/= ofcourse