Trick Daddy Has Banned Meek Mill From Miami, Demands Apology ‘Or Else’ (Video)

Right when Meek Mill thinks he’s done with the beef, they try to pull him right back in. Now that the chapters of beefs with Drake and 50 Cent have closed a new chapter of beef has opened up with Miami rapper Trick Daddy.

Trick Daddy would take to video stating, “Don’t use my city or my n*ggas for character references, I will not accept it, n*gga. I will get out character. Do not fuck with me n*gga! Ever since you lost your girl, you been trippin. You better watch your motherf*cking mouth. As a matter of fact, your visa is expired. And you owe me and my city an apology!”

The beef would stem from comments Meek made in his recent Hot 97 interview speaking on the influence he has on the culture. Check out the video below as we go into more detail on what’s going on between these two. Commentary by‘s Henny Honky: