Trick Daddy Loses His Mind On Facebook: “B*tch I Will Bust Yo Head” (Video)

TrickDaddyMiami artist Trick Daddy is known for holding nothing back and never biting his tongue well recently he got on Facebook and did just that.

Trick was very angry with a Facebook friend over some confusion that happened on the social network and took to Facebook Live to speak his mind. In the video Trick made statements such as: “Tell that b*tch keep my name out yo mouth b*tch for I stick a pistol in yo mouth p*ssy ass h*e – You mentioning my name b*tch because what a b*tch comment on a post – Don’t make me come to yo house b*tch – P*ssy ass h*e don’t make me come to yo house b*tch – Comment on deez nuts h*e.”

Trick Daddy even went as far as to say when he see’s the Facebook friend he’d spit in their face and proceeded to spit at his own camera. Somebodies really got on the wrong side of Trick Daddy, Trick love the kids but he obviously hates you Facebook h*es, watch the video clip below: