Trill Sammy’s Snatched Chain Has A Twitter Page And It’s Hilarious


3 days ago it was revealed that Houston rapper Trill Sammy’s chain was snatched while in Greensboro, North Carolina. The rapper that had claimed to snatched the chain was a North Carolina artist by the name of Lito Bandz. Bandz took to Twitter after the chain snatching incident occurred tweeting Trill Sammy stating, “It’s real beef now @TrillSammy and you know why.”

Now it seems the trolls have intervened in the chain snatching situation & have made a Twitter for the Houston rapper’s missing jewelry. On the Twitter page the profile pic is a picture of the chain, a bio that reads, “RETURN ME TO SAMMY”, and a location marked as “STOLEN”. The internet trolls use the page to tweet as if their Sammy’s chain begging the rapper to track it down and reunite with it. They’ve tweeted tweets such as, “You told me you’d never let anything happen Sammy”, “Still haven’t heard from Sam”, & “Come get me”. Check out tweets from the silly Twitter page below: