Troy Ave Released From Hospital, Pleads Not Guilty And Is Held Without Bail

TroyAveCuffedTroy Ave was released from the hospital after he appeared in a Manhattan courtroom for the shooting that occurred last week at T.I.’s NYC show at the Irving Plaza. NY Daily News reported Roland Collins aka Troy Ave, plead not guilty to attempted murder charges today & was remanded without bail.

Troy Ave’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, stated that his client is the true victim in this situation and not the murderer. He also stated that video footage that was released of Troy shooting at the Irving Plaza does not show the whole story of the situation.

Leemon stated, “What really happened here is Mr. Collins here is the real victim,” he continued by saying “The person who was killed at this event, he died a hero. He (McPhatter) was his bodyguard. He wasn’t shot by Mr. Collins. He was a lifelong friend.”

“This 11 seconds of video that the NYPD released, it doesn’t say what happened before, it doesn’t say what happened after. The scientific evidence will show he didn’t shoot himself. This was another rush to judgement.” “In this case he’s the victim and should be treated like the victim.”

Stay tuned for more on Troy Ave’s case, we will have updates as they come in.

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