Tupac’s Ex-Girlfriend Is Attempting To Sell A Picture Of His Penis

Okay, these Tupac auctions are getting out of hand, very out of hand. Many of the late great rapper’s possessions have been put up for auction including platinum records, letters, jewelry, workout equipment, cars, & much more. Now one of Tupac’s ex-girlfriends is attempting to auction off something more personal to the rapper – a picture of his penis.

According to TMZ, Pac’s ex is trying to sell a 27-year-old well – d*ck pic. A source close to the seller and Tupac says that the rapper had a habit of exposing himself to friends. He would do so at a house party in 1990. His girlfriend would tell him to cover himself or she’d snap a picture & well Pac didn’t back down.

The woman wants $7,500 for the picture and bids are already being made. She’s stated if she can’t get $7,500 she will sell to the highest bidder.

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