Tyler The Creator & a “Happy” Kanye West foot race at Coachella?

Through all of the rants & outburst on the paparazzi it’s rare that we get to see a happy & smiling Kanye West. Although yesterday at Coachella Kanye seemed to be in a very good place, not worried about trials and tribulations of the fashion & music industry or annoying paparazzi. He made an short appearance during A$AP Rocky’s Coachella set which was disappointingly cut short due to Coachella cutting the sound of Rocky’s set. A video also surfaced on Taco’s Instagram of Kanye & Tyler The Creator getting into a foot race at the festival. In the video we get to see Kanye & Tyler both burst into a run which ends in laughter and Kanye playfully pointing & saying to a bystander, “this dude sneaker was in my way”.

Coachella Track Meet

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