Video Surfaces Of Ralo Roasting Police Officers For ‘Being Broke’ After Being Stopped

1017 Records signee Ralo is known for showcasing his flashy lifestyle via social media. Usually showing off large wads of cash, expensive foreign cars, & brand new gear; the Atlanta artist raised the bar a little higher this past weekend by stunting on police officers.

In the video posted to his Instagram page, Ralo appears to be pulled over or stopped by Atlanta policemen. He states in the clip, “Look at this ole’ p*ssy ass getting on the phone calling his boss man. His boss man probably make 45-48k a year. He got to say yes sir, no sir to him. He might as well come work for me we got the dog food.” Ralo would go into a chant saying his popular, ‘ock sh*t pop sh*t’ phrase with his goons following up saying ’12 can’t stop sh*t’. He would conclude the clip be saying, “Everyday of my life I wake up 10, 20 millions dollars n*gga. What you wake up to? What you got 10k, 20k in your account? Even if you saved up that in a 10 year span, broke ass n*gga.”

Check out the clip below:

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