Wack 100 To 50 Cent: “The Fight Gone Happen If We Say It’s Gone Happen! Them Niggas Is Piru’s!”


Chris Brown & Soulja Boy have agreed to hit the ring to settle their social media fueled beef. The fight that was originally supposed to be held in Las Vegas is now being prepped to take place in Los Angeles, California. The fight is being set up with help from Floyd Mayweather and apparently 50 Cent. Though, now Piru OG & the manager of The Game, Wack 100 is speaking out about the fight and addressed 50 Cent on in a Instagram comment. Wack would state, “That fight is only gone happen if we say its gone happen. Lets all respect the politics. I got paperwork already. Them niggas is Piru’s and the thought that you a real street nigga would overlook those politics and not extend the proper respect is out of order #LetsFigureItOut.”

Check out the post below: