Wack 100 Exposes YG of Being Former Crip, YG Responds To Claims

Another day, another beef for The Game’s manager – Wack 100. This time for reasons unknown he’s targeting Compton rapper, YG. It would all start when Wack 100 took to Instagram with a post stating, “One thing I can respect is this – Blueface came into this rap game crip’n – The Game came into it piru’n – Mozzy came into it Blood’n – Some of you n*ggas was wearing skinny jeans and dancing without a gang slogan coming out ya mouth until you got enough money to buy a set.”

Assuming that he was referring to YG’s break out single Toot It And Boot It, YG would respond to Wack 100’s post stating, “You shoulda @’d me big gangsta og piru god father. Don’t beg me to do no more verses either. Instagram fingers!!!!!”

Wack 100 would go on to escalate to situation posting a picture to Instagram which has since been reported of YG throwing up what appears to be a ‘Crip’ hand sign.

YG would respond in the comments that the hand sign he was throwing was not for Crips but for a high school clique he was apart of before joining the Pirus. The comment has also been deleted with the reported post but we’re sure this isn’t the last we will hear of this incident.

Check out the initial confrontation post below:

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