Waka Flocka Answered Fan Questions About Gucci Mane, “Ferrari Boyz 2”, & Unreleased Slim Dunkin

Waka Flocka and Gucci Mane, who are former friends and label mates, have had their problems in the past which started before Gucci’s incarceration in 2013. Three weeks ago Flocka took to Twitter and hinted at the two reuniting in the studio for a joint collaboration Ferrari Boyz 2. Though, now it’s looking like fans can scrap the thought of a Brick Squad reunion because according to Flocka, it won’t be happening.

Flocka Flame would take to his Twitter platform to talk to his fan base saying, “I ready to answer every fan question about me and Gucci. No hating, no shade, just big facts. This is the last time I speak on this situation.”

The first question would start with a fan asking about Ferrari Boyz 2 and will the project ever arrive. Flocka would respond, “Never. They already offered M’z don’t want the money. No cap.” Flocka would also say a few other things in his short talk with fans saying that Gucci sold the name Brick Squad to a label, the book he released is full of lies, and he made Gucci 20-30K a month on Facebook while he was in jail. Though, on a positive note Flocka would reveal that he’s indeed happy for Gucci when it comes to being clean and sober but, when it comes to a collab between the two, ‘it’s over’.

Outside of talking about Gucci a fan would ask about unreleased music from former Brick Squad artist Slim Dunkin who was murdered in December 2011. “Any unreleased music from Slim Dunkin,” a fan would ask. Flocka would simply respond, “Na,” with rather sad emojis.

Nonetheless, with all bad news there’s always a shed of light. We can expect Flockaveli 2 to release soon under Waka Flocka’s label. Check out his tweets from his fan questionnaire below: