Waka Flocka Issues Statement To Pete Rock: I Should Slap The Sh*t Outta You

The feud of old vs. young is an on-going battle within the Hip-Hop community. The generation gaps, torn between the Boop Bap sound of the 90s and the bouncy energetic sound of today, can’t never seem to find a common ground.

Waka Flocka and Pete Rock recently had a back and forward of their own about the debate of old and new, which lead to the BSM CEO threatening the legendary producer.

Rock would post a picture of Waka Flocka in response of Flocka saying that this generation makes the best Hip-Hop music. The producer would defend his generation of music saying, “I’m gonna defend my older heads and tell you your not equal. Be as disrespectful as you want. Your not doing what we did, haven’t accomplished what we accomplished.” He would go on to compare old and new in even more detail, speaking on drug usage of today, saying the older generation never experimented with pills or syrup.

Pete Rock would conclude his argument saying, “Where are you at in any of that? The problem is yall never had respect from the jump. WE ARE THE REASON YOUR WHO YOU ARE AND DO WHATEVER IT IS YOUR DOING! Pay homage to who was before you.”

Waka Flocka would respond stating, “Damn P this post was lame and uncalled for. I should slap the sh*t outta you.” He would continue by saying, “You stuck in the past. Krazy sh*t is my real blood family was always around you smh and I don’t do none of those wack drugs you talking.”