Watch Legendary Brooklyn Rapper Half A Mill’s “Player Hating: The Love Story” Documentary

We at always like to feed our audience a little hip-hop history every now and than. If you aren’t familiar you need to get hip to legendary Brooklyn rapper Half A Mill. Jansun Wardlaw aka Half A Mill was born in 1973 on January 25th in Brooklyn, New York. He released his debut album titled Million on May 9th of 2000 and though his debut would only sell 40,000 copies he was a solidified New York street legend. Half A Mill’s debut album included features from Ali Vegas, Nature, AZ Kool G Rap, Noreaga, Spice 1 & more. In 2003 the rapper would take his own life with a fatal gun shot in the Albany Projects of Crown Heights, BK. Watch Half A Mill’s Player Hating: The Love Story documentary where cameras follow him and his former crew, The Godfia Criminals, as they work on Half A Mill’s album. In the documentary we get a inside look of being a up & coming rapper coming from Brooklyn back in the early 2000’s. The documentary was written and directed by Maggie Hadleigh-West.