Watch OG ManMan’s Last Interview Before Being Murdered: “I Ain’t Heard No Gun Shots Yet”

OGManManBuzzing DMV artist OG ManMan was murdered on Saturday night in Southeast D.C. This murder would occur months after the aspiring rapper released a music video and track dissing D.C. artist Big Flock and another deceased rival. ManMan would even go as far as to film part of the music video at the deceased rivals grave, pouring Ace Of Spades on his headstone, and burning a picture of the man.

Around the end of April, OG ManMan did a interview with Cutthroat TV explaining the music video and his beef with Big Flock. In the interview ManMan states, “You talk about all these guns & sh*t – its been how long since the video dropped – I ain’t heard no gun shots yet – yall heard some gun shots?”

There are no suspects in OG ManMan’s murder as of yet nor any evidence that connects his rap beef with the shooting, watch the interview below: