Watch The Trailer & Game-Play For The “We Are Chicago” Video Game

The We Are Chicago video game which was created by Chicago developers is officially out for purchase. The plot of the game is to give players an experience of what’s like to be a teenager growing up in the streets of Chi-Town. Characters in the video game get involved in gangs, work, do chores, and go to school; regular shit.
The game is more so supposed to take place on I guess the Southside of Chicago. There are metal detectors within the school and shit like that. Though, I will add a side note that there isn’t one character in this game with dreads (yall dropped the ball on that). The game also could use a little more music being that Chicago has a huge music scene. Could’ve also used a little more authentic Chicago slang and accents but hey I don’t want to be a d*ck head and keep pointing out flaws. Watch the videos above for the video game We Are Chicago and be sure to check it out, now available for PC.