Danielle Bregoli: White Privilege, How Bow Dah?

Another day, another idiot becomes famous from the internet. This is the case of Danielle Bregoli, the teen that is known for her famous catch phrase, “Cash Me Ousside, howbowdah!” Her unruly attitude aired originally in September 2016 on Dr. Phil. Since then, she’s become an internet meme that won’t seem to go away. Because of a recent burst of viral relevancy, Danielle starred in a Kodak Black music video and was even asked to go back on the Dr. Phil show for another episode. I’m sure this success has come with a pretty good paycheck.

Here’s where the privilege part kicks in. Ask yourself this question. Would the same success be achieved if Danielle was switched with any other race? If she was Mexican, would this country tell her to go back to Mexico and assume she was illegal? If she was Middle Eastern, would the rest of the country attack her because of her Muslim religion and compare her to a terrorist (since she isn’t afraid to cause terror)? If she was a lesbian, would the women in this country tell her how to act like a real woman?

Let’s ask about if she was black since she seems to identify the closest with their culture. It’s hard to not believe this country wouldn’t tear her apart if she was black. If she was black, the mother would be famous, not the rude teen. This country would have called her parenting into question extremely fast. There is no way she would’ve been let off the hook like Danielle’s mother. Now forget about mom, Danielle is the one getting a bag off of all this. If Danielle was black, it wouldn’t have received the same attention because most of America thinks every black person is “ghetto” anyway. The appeal of the unusual would be gone. Instead, humor is found in Danielle’s case. She becomes a joke and the whole country is running around promoting the joke. Everybody is laughing at how funny it is. It’s funny because she’s white and is “acting black?” Ask any black person if they think it’s funny to see a white person “act black”. Being black isn’t easy or funny. Apparently, being white and acting black is though.

From now on: Stop watching this shit. Stop posting this shit. Stop liking this shit. Stop commenting on this shit. Stop sharing this shit. Stop mentioning this shit. Stop tweeting this shit. Stop retweeting this shit. Stop hash tagging this shit. Stop talking about this shit. Stop thinking about this shit. It’s the only way to stop shit like this.

PLOT TWIST: This was written by a white dude.

– Written By Buzz B –


  • Being white doesn’t give your article any validity especially when you ignore the many ghetto black males and females who have gone viral such as “ain’t no body got time fo’ dat” and “he’s climbin in your windows and snatchin your people up.”

    But of course you wouldn’t mention that cuz it doesn’t fit the bullshit feminist and BLM narrative of “white privilege.”