Wiz Khalifa Is Prepared To Participate In A Live MMA Fight If ‘The Bag’ Is Right

Formerly frail and weeded rapper, Wiz Khalifa, decided to start packing on some muscle mass in 2017 by keeping a consistent diet and hitting the gym day after day effortlessly. The now toned rapper also started practicing Muay Thai Boxing and is confident in his new found skills, confident enough to consider getting into a real MMA match.

TMZ caught up with Khalifa and aksed if he’d ever consider getting into the caged octagon. Wiz would state, “I like Bellator; I like their organization. They’re super cool. Their fights are fun to watch. But like, you gotta pay me a whole bunch of money to get me to fight. I Train with the best. All my trainers, they show me all the best sh*t.”

Earlier in the interview Wiz would reveal that he likes rapping better than fighting and that he wouldn’t consider being a ‘professional’. When asked if there’s any celebrities he would like to spar with Khalifa would simply say, “All of them.”

Check out the clip below: