Who Would’ve Guessed That Kanye West Is A Huge ‘Rick And Morty’ Fanatic

It looks like outside of recording music, creating bougie homeless couture, and pissing people off by supporting Donald Trump and MAGA; Chicago born artist Kanye West also enjoys watching the ever so popular Adult Swim original Rick And Morty.

It was revealed this week that the edgy toon has a bright future and would be renewed for Season 4 and another 70 episodes which means additional seasons. According to Indie Wire the show’s third season run ended October of 2017. Rick And Morty is currently the most watched series in Adult Swim history.

Many would be excited about the news of the show’s renewal including Kanye West. Kanye would respond to the news via Twitter stating, “This is the greatest news. This is my favorite show. I’ve seen every episode at least 5 times.”

Check out the post below:

Looks like #KanyeWest not only loves #DonaldTrump but #RickAndMorty as well

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