Wow: Kylie Jenner Makes Her Music Debut Along Side Lil Yatchy


A very bizarre track landed on Burberry Perry’s new project released on Soundcloud featuring Lil Yatchy & Kylie Jenner. On the track Lil Yatchy puts his own spin on the popular theme song to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood. Kylie Jenner comes on the track around 2:40 with random talking & babbling saying things like, “I never been on a song before,” as her friend Jordan Skye proceeds to replicate Lil Yachty’s chorus, “Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood I wish a f*ck n*gga would.” The very random track has gotten over 1,000,000 plays on Soundcloud within the pass 24 hours. Stream Beautiful Day featuring Lil Yatchy, Kylie Jenner, Justin Skye, & Jordyn Woods below: