YG Might’ve Topped Nelly’s “Tip Drill” With His Uncut Video For “Pop It, Shake It”

Last week YG dropped off a music video released a music video for his DJ Mustard-produced single Pop It, Shake It. This week YG is upping the ante and releasing a more BET Uncut inspired visual for Pop It, Shake It. Many are coining this music video as the 2017 version of Tip Drill. The video is full of butt naked video vixens we damn near should’ve saved this for Sensational Sundays. Matter of fact we’re treating this as Sensational Saturday, enjoy. This should’ve been on Redtube instead of YouTube.


  • Not even close to touching Tip Drill.

    • Carlos Deangelo Prunty

      Not even bro

  • Muddasucka

    Man. I didn’t even finish the video. Straight trash.

  • Stay Rich

    Fake ass and tits

  • Tony Deshae Pagetwo

    Tip drill still better and Djpc Bubblegum Booty is The Truth on youtube with real pornstars fxckn

  • Edmund Williams

    Young Dolph got both of them beat

  • Corey Borry

    Don’t for get about pussy popping on a hand stand Ludacris

  • *____*

    nah, tip drill is better, no where near the same. plus this song wasn’t all that!