YG Nabbed On Felony Robbery Charges In Las Vegas, Could Face Serious Jail Time

Bompton rapper, YG, is facing serious felony robbery charges. The rapper was arrested for allegedly snatching a man’s chain off his neck and taking off with the diamond laced pendant.

YG appeared in court in Las Vegas Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest. He would turn his self in and be hit with felony robbery charges. The My Hitta rapper would be released after he posted $20,000 bail.

According to Vegas police the situation that caused YG to be hit with robbery charges occurred in May at the Cosmopolitan at 4 am. The man approached YG for a picture but was turned down by the rapper’s entourage. After being turned down for a picture the man would tell YG he’s not a real celebrity. YG would retaliate by snatching the man’s chain off his neck.

After the chain fell to the ground, estimated to be valued at $3000 to $9000, surveillance footage would show YG picking it up and taking off. The man is also suing YG, claiming he had his crew beat him up before snatching the chain. He’s attempting to get $250,000 out of the rapper.

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