Young Buck Drops ‘Foofy Freestyle’ Diss Track Aimed At 50 Cent

Tension has been boiling between former G-Unit affiliates Young Buck and 50 Cent for quite some time now. Recently 50 took things to the next level by posting a video of a man running up on Young Buck questioning him about his alleged trans allegations and beef with 50 Cent.

Now Young Buck has decided to return the favor by taking things to wax and dissing 50 Cent over Drake’s Duppy instrumental for a track he titled Foofy Freestyle.

“Come on Foofy/This Instagram sh*t done got goofy/Let’s focus on them two million dollars that n*gga robbed you/Let’s talk about them b*tches you burnt, them h*es charged you/You know what I learned was? How not to be a father,” Young Buck raps. Check out the full diss track below: